Saturday, October 13, 2007

UNEP – GOOGLE International Cleanup Weekend

K.D.H.P Co. (P) Ltd., Munnar, Kerala, India ensures active participation in the global campaign

Joining the world community in celebrating the clean up weekend, 10,200 employees of K.D.H.P Co. (P) Ltd., from 7,000 households participated in the above campaign on Saturday, 13th October 2007. The exercise was led by tea plantation Managers on their respective tea estates, who were joined by all sections of employees, in the clean up campaign. A majority of the participants were women. The cleaning operations started by about 7.30 am, and covered mainly the residential and visitation spots spread over more than 200 Sq. km area of the Kanan Devan Hills Plantation Company (Private) Limited in Kerala in India. It will be interesting to know that; K.D.H.P Co. (P) Ltd. is one of the largest participatory management companies in the world

It was a full fledged ‘clean your country-side effort’, with participants picking up plastics & other litter, collecting them in bags and having them transported to a central point for final treatment / disposal. The event also was an opportunity for all participants to create awareness in the larger community on keeping the environment of the pristine hills of Munnar clean.

The operation was spearheaded by Mr T.V Alexander, MD, KDHP and Mr Mohan C Verghese, Chair, HRWEPA with phenomenal support from managers and field staff.

Posted with inputs from Mohan.C.Verghese