Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Golden Leaf India Awards- Southern Tea Competition – 2008

Kanan Devan Hills Plantations Company (Pvt) Ltd., Munnar comes out with flying colours

The Golden Leaf India Awards- Southern Tea Competition is an opportunity to show case the best of teas from South India to the world. This effort spearheaded by UPASI and the Tea Board of India is to promote the quality-oriented approach, and encourage producers of fine quality teas. ‘The Golden Leaf India Awards’ (TGLIA) is an established tea quality competition. It goes through several rounds of screening, including a chemical analysis for pesticide residues, and is finally tasted by an international panel of about 8 jury members from different countries.

The 2008 competition with the final held during the Dubai World Tea Forum in February 2008, saw the Kanan Devan Hills Plantations Company (Pvt) Ltd., Munnar bag 4 prizes out of the 5 prizes for the High Range planting district. This was the highest number of prizes by any single company during this year’s competition. Madupatty factory, a premium CTC factory of the company, bagged 3 prizes for ‘CTC Leaf’, ‘CTC Fannings’ & ‘CTC Dust’ categories. In the Orthodox category, Chundavurrai factory, a modernized super factory of the company, bagged the prize for the Orthodox Leaf.

It has been a sustained approach from the company in focusing its operations on quality teas, and it has a wide array of customers for its products. It has been winning awards from the first edition of this competition since 2005. The participatory management system of the company has helped the company surge ahead in increasing productivity levels, and enhancing the quality profile of the teas. The bottom up approach and the interface of the multi level teams in the fields and factories, who discuss issues at regular intervals to ensure continuous improvement in operations, have been the cornerstone of its success.

Posted with inputs from Mr Mohan Verghese

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