Monday, December 14, 2009

Wildlife Management Course at the Wildlife Institute of India- A Fervent Plea to State Governments

I was shocked to hear about the present status of wildlife management course run by Wildlife Institute of India. The institute is in a hapless state of not getting trainees for this excellent course.

In the past the reluctance on the part of the state Governments was understandable. The state Governments had to bear the entire cost of training and the pay and allowances of the officers during the training period. This picture is completely changed now. Government of India bears the full expenses including the pay and allowances of the officers. To make the course doubly attractive the trainees are taken on a trip to the wildlife reserves of Sri Lanka and Malaysia. Yet officers do not opt for the course.

The course has the facility to cater to the needs of 20 to 25 trainees. Unfortunately they got only 7 trainees for the last course. Out of this seven, four were from the SAARC countries. Indian states sent only 3 trainees. What a shame.

There is an immediate need to take stock of the situation and do something about this sorry state of affairs. Our leaders and officers talk lot of shop during the course of the wildlife week celebrations. They make tall promises which vanish in to thin air after the wildlife week.

Forest ministers and heads of the forest departments of the state Governments and Jairam Rameshji , are you listening?


Arvind Sekhar said...

No wonder the quality of our wildlife management is going down

Latha Rakesh said...

Who is bothered about wildlife Mr Mohan?. Our politicos as you rightly said speak lot of nonsense during wildlife week and that is the end of it.We need dedicated officers if things are to improve. Training is an important component.

N. Kannan said...

Latha is perfectly right. Nobody seems to bother about the plight of wildlife. Ministers appear before the TV all smiles promising action. It seems they are interested in publicity and not concerned about the plight of wildlife.i do not see any light at the end of the dark tunnel.