Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Sanctity of Management Plans

Last week I got an invitation from wildlife warden Munnar to attend a workshop, meant as an initiation workshop for revision of management plans for Eravikualm and Chinnar.
I was not able to make it due to prior commitments at Calicut. But at the back of my mind it kindled some disturbing thoughts.
In many wildlife reserves the plans serve as scarecrows only. It deteriorates in to a compendium of sanctimonious sermons that are rarely adhered to. I can quote umpteen incidents where the the management plans have been thrown by the way side in the pursuit of development agenda.
A quick look at the works taken up in wildlife reserves makes you wonder whether the concerned people have ever read the management plans. I am sure they never had a look at it. It is gathering dust somewhere in the recesses of the office.

A wildlife management plan is a sacred document. To many, the word sacred may be a wee bit unpalatable. But I strongly feel no other word can replace the true spirit behind it.  wildlife management plans should be the bible for the wildlife manger. This is particularly so when we have uninitiated dilettante who have no formal wildlife training managing the wildlife reserves.  I do not want to mince my words here and would like to state what is obvious. If we cannot adhere to the management plans there is no use spending time and money on preparing management plans. You could very well do with a hastily patched up yearly plan.


K.P Vipinchandran said...

You hit where it hurts. Good post Mohanji

JKN said...

Many guys take a casual approach to management plans. Those who err has to be caught and punished

Anonymous said...

Who is really bothered about plans?. The plans are meant to be an instrument that meets the statutory provisions of central Government. You want money? You have to have a plan. It is as simple as that.You were right in using the word scarecrow.It is high time central Government insisted that if you err you pay for it or better still, you diverge from plans that stops central aid.

james zacharias said...

Working Plans even now are being religiously followed in territorial divisions. But MPs are just scarecrows and have only a perfunctory role. Why?
Is it because WL management in India started off with mavericks (like you)who had everything encrypted in their hearts and brains? Who would need a MP then?

Mohan Alembath said...

Dear James,
In the good old days only guys who are keen about wildlife used to plumb for wildlife posting. There was no money involved. Things were hunky dory.The ruckus started with inflow of money. As anonymous said why can't the central Government insist on strict adherence to management plans if the states need central assistance? They can surely insist on getting all wildlife mangers trained in wildlife management.No body seems to be bothered except hollow utterances during wildlife week celebrations.