Tuesday, April 20, 2010

High Range Tidings Salutes Dr Manmohan Singh

After chairing the National Board of Wildlife meeting, an obviously distressed, Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh has written to chief ministers of Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Uttarakhand to declare areas around tiger reserves as eco-sensitive buffer zones. Things are not very rosy in these three key tiger-bearing states.
Centre has written several times to state Governments to create a buffer zone in tiger areas in order to reduce human-tiger conflicts. Many states are yet to wake up.   Special tiger protection force meant to hire and train local tribal population in conservation is yet to take deep roots in many states.  There is no dearth of high flown pronouncements yet nothing of consequence is happening in the field.  It is against this sad backdrop that the prime minister has taken a personal initiative amidst his various pressing chores.

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Manoj.KR said...

Good to hear that the Prime Minister himself is taking such great interest in our tigers.