Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Unfulfilled Dream of Ratan Tata – A Post Script

Again we are veering a wee bit from wildlife. A few days back we had published a blog post, titled " The Unfulfilled Dream of Ratan Tata". We had extolled the virtues of the Tatas, highlighting their social commitment. Lot of water has flowed down the bridge since then. Fast paced developments involving 2G has surfaced and allegations have flown thick and fast.


The 2G 'tapegate' has rocked the nation questioning the very sincerity of Tata business house. The transcripts of Radia's conversations, with politicians, industrialists and journalists, published by Outlook have taken a heavy toll of the credibility of lot of people.  A central government-ordered inquiry into the Radia tapes is in full swing.


We still hold Tata in great esteem. We feel that the social commitment of Tatas is unparalleled. What Ambanis and other corporate houses have done for the society pale in to insignificance when compared to what the Tatas have done.


While extolling the virtues of Tatas, we feel that the Supreme Court petition filed by Ratan Tata asking the question whether the publication of the Radia tapes aren't a violation of privacy rights, was a bad ploy. His comments of India becoming a banana republic are also uncalled for. These two events have left a bad taste in the mouth of lot of people.


What Ratanji should have done was to acknowledge the mistake. To err is human. He should have said sorry and vowed never to repeat these mistakes. His stock would have gone up in the minds of the people of India.


I have interacted with Ratan Tata on his first visit to Munnar. We had only shook hands and exchanged couple of sentences, but what struck me was the humility of the great man. I was bowled over by the unassuming manner of Ratanji.


Ratanji may have overstepped the boundary in the mad rat race of survival in the corporate world, at the behest of his advisors. It is quite pardonable against the backdrop of what he has done for the society. At the same time there was no need for him to hide behind the cloak of Supreme Court petition. He has some bad advisors around him. It is quite possible that there is a Trojan horse lurking somewhere.


We wish Ratanji all the best. We are sure that he will come out of this difficult time unscathed.


Ramesh Wynad said...

spot on Mohanji. Ratanji should have been more prudent in his actions and utterances.He has been led down the garden path by wheelers and dealers.In a democratic set up all the citizens are equal. People who have crossed the limits of law and cheated the country have to be brought to book. Let Ratanji's stance not stand in the way of impartial probe.

Anonymous said...

Whether it is Tata,Birla or Ambani the people who have taken the country for a rise should be punished.At the same time there should not be any witch hunting and no judgement should be passed without a proper inquiry. Let the truth come out. Caviling by interested parties should not be allowed.

Anonymous said...

What was the need to employ Radia. I fail to read the logic