Friday, June 19, 2009

Mr Vijay Mallayya, have a look at this

Mr Vijay Mallayya, here is something from Scotland, that is worth pursuing. If properly handled it is bound to take you to heights of glory. I am sure that the benefits accruing would outstrip your calendar programme in popularity.

Whisky and wildlife conservation sounds a wee bit awry. But Scotland’s Famous Grouse Whisky and RSPB (The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds) have a fantastic ongoing programme worthy of emulation by others.

Money donated by Famous Grouse Whisky is utilized for conservation of endangered iconic bird of Scotland the Grouse. This partnership was recently given the ‘Best Partnership’ award at the Scottish Charity Awards (hosted by the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations - SCVO). Famous Grouse is launching a new whisky which will benefit the threatened black grouse. 50p per bottle will be donated from sales to the RSPB.

RSPB's uses the money for habitat restoration work for the threatened species. The deal has raised £30 000 so far. Gregg Wilkie, Senior Marketing Officer with RSPB Scotland, who initiated the Partnership, says “What better excuse is there to enjoy a dram of Scotland's national drink?"

Bangalore and Mysore have some of the best conservationists in India. Talk to them and get in to this new bandwagon. It will pave the way for something for which the posterity will be indebted to you


R.Raghavan said...

Right Mr Vijay Mallayya. This is bound to give you a terrific boost

Ragini MR said...

It is worth an effort Mr Mallayya. I would plumb for it

Seetha KG said...

Hi Mohan,
This is a great post. I sincerely wish Mr Mallayya would grab this.

Anonymous said...

Really worth pursuing Mr Vijay Mallayya