Sunday, June 7, 2009

Rhinos- Happy News from Dudhwa National Park

May 29th was a happy occasion for Dudhwa National Park. There was an air of pervading happiness and camaraderie in the air. A Rhino calf was born on that day delighting the conservationists across the world. Here was hard evidence that a carefully crafted reintroduction programme can surely achieve what is intended.

The Rhino relocation programme in Dudhwa is one of the most ambitious conservation programmes launched in India. The effort was to give an upswing to the flagging scenario of Rhino conservation. It was launched in April 1984. To be precise it was also an attempt to bring back to a habitat where Rhinos once existed but were extirpated.

The reintroduction programme was kick started with an introduction of five rhinos. The population has slowly risen to 28, seven males, 15 females and six young ones. This includes the new calf born on May 29. The park authorities have left no stone unturned in their effort to bring to fruition this prestigious reintroduction programme.

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