Friday, May 21, 2010

Excellent Work by Kaziranga Forest Guards

Amidst depressing news of poaching of Rhinos here comes some happy news. My contracts in Kaziranga National Park inform me that the forest guards have put up a spirited show against poachers on Friday.
A six member team of forest guards was on routine patrol of the park when they heard gunshots.  The poachers were targeting an adult rhino near the Mihimukh range. Seeing a band of six the poachers the forest guards gave a chase and a gunfight ensued. In the encounter that lasted nearly 30 minutes four poachers were killed. Two managed to escape in the melee. A rifle and large quantity of ammunition was also recovered.
This is the second major success for the frontline staff this week. On Tuesday, seven poachers were arrested while they were on their way to sell a rhino horn to an international smuggling syndicate.
Well done frontline staff of Kaziranga National Park.

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