Friday, May 14, 2010

Urine Therapy for Errant Tigers

Dr S S Bawaskar, a young veterinarian of Nagpur zoo has come up with a brilliant idea to stop marauding tigers from entering villages.
Ranmangli village near Nagpur in Maharashtra was frequented by a tigress and two sub-adult cubs. The tigress had already killed a woman last month sending panic across the region. The forest officials of the region were a harried lot.
Tigers spray urine on trees and shrubs or scrape and deposit urine on the ground to mark their territories. The scent lasts for several days and sends a clear message to other tigers.  When fresh, it is easily detectable by humans also up to 2-3 m away (Smith et al. 1989). A tiger coming across a scent mark usually sniff, leap back and snarl. Dr S S Bawaskar thought why not give this a shot. He suggested spraying urine in areas frequented by the marauding tigress.
Taking cue from Dr S S Bawaskar Nagpur forest division officials collected urine of captive tigers in the city’s Maharajbagh zoo and sprinkled it near the spots frequented by tigers. After the spraying tigers have stopped coming to the village.The officials are keeping their fingers crossed to see whether this proves to be permanent solution.

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