Thursday, May 13, 2010

Munnar - The Overkill

Munnar has been voted as the second best destination in Asia by Tripadvisor’s 2010 Traveller’s Choice Destination award. It is good news. Tourism Principal Secretary Dr Venuis is reported to have said
“Millions of travellers rely on Tripadvisor for travel inspiration. So we are thrilled and humbled that Munnar has been honoured by travellers this year,’’ 

We have full respect for the hard work being done by Dr Venu for making Kerala a preferred international destination for tourists. At the same time we have a feeling that in Munnar you are doing an overkill. Have you carefully looked at the environs as you travel from Neriamangamlam to Munnar?. The evidences of unregulated tourism are visible everywhere. There are mountains of refuse left by the tourists.The most appalling part is the plastic litter

The other day Mr Mohan Varghese, the chairman of HRWEPA was narrating to me an incident that happened near Naeriamangalam. The monkeys were picking up the vomit thrown out by tourists and gobbling it along with the plastic bags. Makes you puke just reading about it.

So venu Saab have a thought for the delicate mountain ecosystem of Munnar. Very strict guidelines have to be chalked out for tourists visiting Munnar.They should not remain on paper. They have to be put in place ruthlessly. We wish you the very best.

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