Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ray of Hope in Panna

Panna has the dubious distinction of a wildlife reserve where the tigers have disappeared.  Panna had more than 30 tigers four years ago. All of them had disappeared. When authorities planned reintroduction there were many doubting toms. The prophets of doom have been proved wrong.
Two tigresses- one from Bandhavgarh and another from Kanha were translocated to Panna on March 6 and March 9. The government has plans to relocate four more tigers.
It is happy tiding in Panna right now. The tigress, translocated from Bandhavgarh has given birth to three cubs. It is the first time that a translocated tigress has given birth in India.
Conservationists are elated at the latest developments in Pana. All is not yet lost. There is hope on the horizon.

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